Doming and Printed Stickers

Doming and Printed Stickers 2019-05-20T08:08:06+01:00


Doming is an effective way to enhance self adhesive vinyl stickers. The raised surface brings a 3D quality to your sticker magnifying the image on the substrate as well as making it more durable.

What is doming?

Doming is the application of  a clear polyurethane resin on a two dimensional surface. This then brings a three dimensional look and feel to your products. This lens effect is achieved by pouring a resin onto a pre-cut full colour stickers. Once the resin has then dried, it creates the “lens” or 3D affect.

Domed sticker applications

Gel stickers (also known as resin stickers) have a high-class enhanced appearance that is scratch and moisture resistant and are used to brand products from computer hardware to vehicles to promotional items.

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